May 31, 2012

Hank shares on the common mistake that Christians make in supposing an unbeliever can be talked into the kingdom of God. Often the problem is not that one cannot believe but one will not believe (0:32)

Questions / Comments

  • My daughter attends church on Saturdays but comes to our church on Sundays. Our pastor told our daughter that she cannot go to two different churches. What should I do? (2:51)
  • I go to different churches. I read the Bible a lot. Some churches think the Ten Commandments are void, the fourth Commandment in particular. Should we still observe the Ten Commandments today? (5:07)
  • In Romans 1:24-28, those who God gave over to a reprobate mind, is Paul addressing people who have fallen away, or is he teaching a general principle about God’s wrath? (12:53)
  • What is your opinion of present-day Jews regarding their right to occupy Palestine? (20:51)
  • How should I answer my Jewish friend who contends that they are God’s chosen people so how could they possibly be lost? (31:17)
  • My 93-year-old mother-in-law had a recent fall. She mentioned not being around for many years. She is on life support, and we are wondering whether to end her life or not. We want grandma to be around, but we are concerned about her quality of life (38:46)
  • My friend goes to a church that doesn’t believe in hell. She thinks fire is used to purify objects. People in hell are then being purified. They believe eventually everyone goes to heaven. What are your thoughts on this? (44:08)
  • I have spent all my life sitting in church pews, but I wasn’t really saved until recently. How do I tell my testimony to my family and friends? (49:07)

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