June 1, 2012

Questions / Comments:

  • The Bible says the Earth was created in six days, and it is clear the Earth s young. Animals could not have died prior to the fall of Adam? The dating thing by man’s standards is foolishness to God (1:21)
  • What is your opinion of The Shack by William P. Young? (23:35)
  • Why do some translations say “he is risen” as opposed to “he was risen” when referring to the resurrection? Significant difference? (25:53)
  • My wife in Catholic. We are struggling with our intimate relationship. Can you give me some advice? How about masturbation? (27:56)
  • Can you comment on Isaiah 2:3, Micah 4:2, and Ezekiel 43:12. Is the Torah in Messianic Judaism the same as the Torah given to Moses? (31:42)
  • Why would anyone have a problem with the writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer? (38:50)
  • If someone sins but they fail to see they are doing anything wrong can God still condemn that person since they did not realize they were doing wrong? (41:52)
  • Will there be Christians left on earth during the Tribulation? If so, are they the 144,000? (45:21)
  • If Jesus was in the grave for three days and three nights, seventy-two hours, how could he have been crucified on Good Friday? (49:40)

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