June 5, 2012

Hank shares on attempts to read modern scientific paradigms into Scriptural passages have given Christians one black eye after another. (0:44)


  • Address how can be in the presence of evil as in the case of God speaking to Satan concerning Job. What is your opinion of God having council with angels in Job 2? What is a good study Bible? (7:33)
  • What are beliefs of Roman Catholics? Are their teachings in conflict with essential Christian doctrine? (11:33)
  • I believe in Bible inspiration. I believe homosexuality is a sin. My concern is how vehemently and ferociously Christians go against homosexuality. I have gay friends. Why do we focus on homosexuality and treat it differently than other sins? (20:47)
  • If what we believe determines how we live, how is it that there are atheists who live generally moral lives while denying the existence of God? (25:42)
  • How can I show my wife that children are born in sin and that the Old Testament is still relevant? (40:33)
  • Is it true that Mark 16:9-20 is not in the original manuscripts? (47:03)

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