June 11, 2012

Questions / Comments

  • When the NIV takes generic masculine words and exchanges them for non-gender words [inclusive language], is that politically correct? Do the words “he” and “them” have a generic application? (1:53)
  • How to respond to those like Bart Ehrman who alleged the Bible has been copied so much that we cannot determine its meaning? Is Ehrman a Christian? (5:12)
  • Can you point me to a verse in the Old Testament that prophesies that the Jews would kill their own Messiah in order to have messianic prophecy fulfilled? (8:26)
  • That does not answer my question. Is there a verse that tells us that the messiah must die. Was there ever any messiah who would die by his own people for blasphemy? (11:20)
  • Isaiah bespeaks of multiple comings of messiahs? Malachi tells Elijah accompanying messiah? I am a Muslim. I converted from Christianity. My religion teaches me that Jesus Christ is the prophet of God who has come to establish the kingdom of God on Earth who calls all men to worship the one God, and that Jesus Christ will then be subjected to the judgment of God (12:39)
  • Can you clarify your statements to the previous Muslim caller? (22:54)
  • Is Mormonism the same as Christianity? I say they disagree, but my friends say they are the same. (26:28)
  • Do the dead have an awareness of the passage of time? (30:42)
  • Are humans a dichotomy [body and soul] or a trichotomy [body soul and spirit]? (33:09)
  • Deuteronomy 24:1-4 talks about divorce and remarriage, calling illegitimate remarriages an abomination. Is this true for today? Are we under grace? Abomination is a strong word. (38:48)
  • Are we under grace right now? Are people who divorce and remarry allowed to do that? (42:04)
  • Is this like in the Old Testament where they did not want wife swapping? If one got divorced, remarried another woman, divorced again, and remarried his first wife, is such ok to do today? (43:05)
  • Why did the Jews want to kill Jesus when He was born Jewish? (45:54)

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