June 13, 2012

Hank comments on the issue of death prior to Adam in the age of the Earth debate (0:36)

Questions / Comments

  • Doing a study on God’s will for our lives. Are some people created as vessels of honor and others for dishonor according to Romans 9:18-23? (6:51)
  • What is your view of replacement theology? (11:58)
  • Do you believe in the restoration of Israel? (14:55)
  • Is there Scripture about an actual rapture of the body of Christ (21:00)
  • When Jesus returns that is it? There is no rapture wherein He takes us up and comes back seven years later? My spirit has doubts about this (23:47)
  • Are you familiar with Revelation 3:10 that says, “I will keep you from wrath”? (27:23)
  • Why do we not take all the 10 Commandments literally? When Christ came the Law of Moses was done away with? That is the ceremonial laws pointing to His coming. But I like to think that God’s logic makes it too convenient to not think that God in a perfect world wanted everyone to worship on the same day. (29:47)
  • Is it arrogant to be firm in your beliefs? (38:52)
  • I have difficulty conversing with a friend who has become an agnostic but feel myself being arrogant when I tell her I think she is wrong (42:00)
  • How does the passage about Jesus and the moneychangers relate to today in the Business/Marketing world? A person keeps talking about multi-level business opportunities in church (42:57)

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