December 21, 2009

Hank Hanegraaff talks on the question about the virgin birth of Christ being a miracle or myth (0:38)

Questions / Comments

  • Would Yahweh be just if He did not provide a plan of salvation for mankind? Is He just if He chose some but not others? (6:18)
  • If every man and woman were in the same situation as Adam and Eve would they respond in the same way? (8:03)
  • What about teaching of R.G. Stair? (8:53)
  • Why is man only in the image of God but not angels? (22:13)
  • Can you explain the 666 twelvefold triangle mentioned in the Last Disciple (26:39)
  • Address the apparent contradictions in the birth narratives between Matthew and Luke (30:40)
  • Do you recommend confronting leaders who promote Word of Faith teachings? (39:32)
  • Are modern churches fall on a spectrum with respect to communicating Word of Faith teachings (42:08)
  • Is not the Word of Faith teachings the Pharisee-ism of the twenty-first century? (43:54)
  • Can you give a reason why Barack Obama is not the antichrist spoken about in the Book of Revelation (47:24)