June 14, 2012

Hank critiques Bishop James Usher’s Chronology which dates the creation of Adam to precisely 4004 BC based upon the genealogies making the age of the Earth about 6000 years old (0:48)

Questions / Comments

  • I have noticed on Christian tv and radio I am hearing more about false gospels such as prosperity gospel teachings. (4:58)
  • I am reading The Apocalypse Code. I was a dispensational teacher but at a new place now. If you take out the rapture in the Book of Revelation, is the millennial reign of Jesus, regeneration of Earth by fire, peace on Earth still in the future? (10:39)
  • Armageddon, the millennial reign and all that passed, so we are at that point. (13:22)
  • Can you clarify your comments about God acting “trans-temporally”? If this is true, does such mean that Adam and Eve came into an imperfect and fallen world? (20:47)
  • I have Muslim friends. We debated that their Allah is the same God as Christianity. They say we have all different kinds of Gods, such as Yahweh, Jehovah, Immanuel, Abba. We discussed radical Islam, and they brought up Christians who protest at abortion clinics. (24:40)
  • Should the word “world” in Matthew 28:20 be translated “age” or “eon” instead? Is “world” a mistranslation? (32:23)
  • My brother says the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden was an allegory and that knowledge was the real problem that they had. Were the tree and fruit an allegory? (40:49)
  • My brother says when Satan was kicked out of heaven that he was in the tree of knowledge, which makes it an allegory (45:29)
  • If you don’t feel joy or contentment as a Christian does that mean you don’t have the Holy Spirit within you? How do you know that sanctification isn’t just your own effort? (47:49)

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