June 19, 2012

Hank shares on the fine tuning of the universe pointing to a sovereign Maker (0:31)

Questions / Comments

  • Is it okay for a Christian to be friends with a homosexual? (3:08)
  • What about going to a homosexual wedding? I have a cousin who is having a gay marriage. (4:40)
  • If we are made in God’s image, who created God? (5:52)
  • God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are one in three separate entities? (7:00)
  • The Oxford Study Bible says the Book of Job is Hebrew folklore. Is this true? Is the Book of Job fact? (10:01)
  • The timeline of the end times. Will Christian be raptured before, in the middle, or after the tribulation? (20:59)
  • Are all the disasters mentioned in the Book of Revelation not true? (25:42)
  • There are so many prophecies in the Bible especially in Isaiah. I see them as prophesying the future and not the fall of Jerusalem (28:35)
  • I am a professor of art at a liberal arts college. I was involved with the School of Metaphysics. It postulated a number Theosophical views and positive affirmation to achieve Christ consciousness. Have you heard of the group? (41:16)
  • When Jesus told the disciples to sell their possessions and give their money to the poor. I never had seen anyone do that. Jesus’ Spirit came into my room and told me to give up possessions, give money to the poor, and walk with me. I did that. I then saw two golden cherubs above me because I was acting faithfully. I saw God the Father’s Spirit rejoicing. But I had a walk with Him and try to know how to prepare myself for the future, and God helped me understand that I need to commit myself to get that information. I realized that I need a healthy theology. Where can I learn sound theology? (43:22)

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