June 20, 2012

Hank talks on why God accepted Abel’s offering but rejected Cain’s offering (0:48)

Questions / Comments

  • Is there subordination within The Trinity? (3:42)
  • The United States military is overseas. Is it considered murder when a soldier takes someone’s life? (4:58)
  • Is killing permitted for self-defense or when a soldier is ordered to? (7:03)
  • How does the killing and murder distinction apply to the abortion issue? (11:20)
  • Can you explain the passage where Jesus says, “we are gods”? (12:26)
  • Can you explain Ezekiel’s vision of the wheel within a wheel? (20:47)
  • I come from a Pentecostal church. How do we receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit? (23:50)
  • Is speaking in tongues the evidence of the infilling of the Holy Spirit? (26:22)
  • Are there Scripture reference on the filling and indwelling of the Spirit? (28:12)
  • I ordered a Bible with the Apocrypha. There are a few things that are bothersome to me. I trust the Bible. But should I be reading and studying the Apocrypha? (30:32)
  • I am debating with a friend on whether Jesus died. Jesus died in His humanity? Can you elaborate on Jesus’ death with respect to His human and divine natures? (43:54)
  • In Job 2:1-2, had Satan already been cast out of heaven? (45:22)
  • Heard a statement about all religions go to heaven. Can you clarify? (47:58)
  • If I am Jewish, and I died, will I go to heaven? (48:39)

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