June 22, 2012

Questions / Comments

  • How did the origin of different races come to be? Did separation of races come after Noah or the Tower of Babel story? (2:35)
  • I am agnostic on the age of the Earth issue. (4:29)
  • What is your understanding of the redshift of starlight? Like sound yet upon a different scale? Can the same way sound is affected by gravity, pressure, and so forth also apply to the red shift? Can light move faster outside our galaxy? (5:09)
  • What is the Christian view of cremation? (11:25)
  • You don’t believe in a secret coming of Christ. What about the “thief in the night”? The five virgins who come in and the five virgins left out confuses me. How do we fit the bridegroom coming as a thief in the night? (12:54)
  • If corruption of the world and death entered the world through the fall of Adam and Eve; how does the death of dinosaurs and other animals fit with this? (20:47)
  • God created Adam as a mature man. Can we not take that idea and apply it to the universe? When the Bible talks about man’s foolishness, I have trouble trusting science. Carbon dating has problems. You talk about the age of Earth. God created man and women as mature. Can we not apply this to the universe? Did God create the universe with the appearance of age? Can supernovas only appear ancient? (25:21)
  • I disagree on your take on the age of the Earth. We only have a few supernovas that can only account for a few thousand years. (39:08)
  • You are accepting the stars are very far away based on the speed of light. But there is research showing the stars are closer. We can only accurately see stars 20 light years away, and everything after that becomes a mathematical equation but it is a big guess. Do we accept out measuring stick as the Bible or scientific conclusions? (41:13)
  • The Book of Genesis regardless of scientific applications speaks of a 24-hour period of each day, and the Earth regardless of scientific applications says 24-hours. Scientists reject the biblical paradigm. (43:52)
  • Which member of the Trinity should I be praying to? (49:04)

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