June 25, 2012

Hank shares on whether panspermia is a legitimate account of the origins of life (0:37)

Questions / Comments

  • What are your thoughts on Andy Stanley’s message about a homosexual couple in his church — A man leaving his wife for another man? (3:17)
  • Doesn’t Paul ground the role of women in the creation order just as the prohibition against homosexuality? (9:09)
  • Will our role as parents be the same in heaven or will that change? (12:57)
  • What is your opinion on the Catholic doctrines, which teach Protestants have removed books from the Bible; the Catholic Church is the only true church, and Transubstantiation? (21:08)
  • I believe the appearances of ghost and hauntings are demonic apparitions. I have trouble with the passage of Samuel bringing up Saul’s spirit by the medium of Endor. The real spirit or apparition? (25:41)
  • How to respond to the disciples mistaking Jesus for a ghost? Proof for the existence of ghosts? (29:37)
  • Jesus casted out the demons into the pigs in Matthew 8:28-32. Why did Jesus allow this to happen? (31:43)
  • Why did the swine kill themselves? Why did not the demoniac kill himself? (32:34)
  • I am discussing with my dad the topic of once saved always saved. My father thinks someone can be saved yet wind up in eternal torment in hell if one does not live by the Bible. I disagree. What is your view on the security of the believer? What about those who claim to be Christians but continue sinning? (41:04)
  • What is the significance of the folded face cloth lying by itself in John 20:7? (47:14)

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