June 27, 2012

Hank addresses the perverted understanding of money espoused by the prosperity gospel (0:35)

Questions / Comments:

  • The armor of God in Ephesians 6 have a connection to Isaiah 59:17? Ephesians touches back to the Old Testament? (21:08)
  • Regarding the assertion that Jesus never talked about homosexuality. Jesus reference to Genesis 2 regarding divorce and remarriage shows that husband and wife relationships are male and female. Correct?  (22:50)
  • I noticed that Genesis 7:11 and noticed this is the first instance of the word month is mentioned in the Bible. Why is month never mentioned in the creation? Ok to say the lesser light in Genesis 1:16 is speaking of the moon? (27:42)
  • I have been a part-time youth pastor. I am considering full-time ministry. What is the biblical role of a pastor? What is the job description? Should it be a paid position? (31:38)
  • Will there be a sequel to The Last Disciple and The Last Sacrifice? (38:57)
  • I was baptized as an infant. I was born again at the age of 45. I never felt the need to get rebaptized. Do have any thoughts on this? (40:21)
  • I was raised Baptist and taught once-saved-always-saved. I started attending a Pentecostal church that says you can lose your salvation. A friend introduced me to universal reconciliation. I am confused. What is your take? (43:54)
  • What if someone is a believer who backslides out of church? Have those people lost their salvation? (46:21)
  • I attend a non-denomination Bible church. We are studying the supernatural and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They are into the prophetic ministry. They lay hands on individuals and pray for them. They encourage others to pray and share Words they receive from God. They take the good and throw out the bad. What are your thoughts on personal prophecy?? (49:09)

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