June 28, 2012

Hank shares on the meaning of being created in the image of God (0:31)

Questions / Comments:

  • Can a Christian be demon possessed? If I go to someone’s house for prayer, is it possible for a demon to get attached to my clothing? (4:58)
  • Can a believer make himself open to a demon? (7:56)
  • My new nondenominational church does not regularly take Communion. They only take Communion a few times a year. Can I take communion alone? (9:36)
  • My husband passed away. I did not spend enough time with him prior to his death. I am hurting because of that. (13:08)
  • Is everything that is physical now, was once spiritual in a pre-existence? (25:02)
  • What about the restored heaven in the Book of Revelation? If such is the case, how will sin be prevented at that time once everything is restored physically? How would you not suffer knowing a loved one is in hell? (27:40)
  • I have trouble aligning with a church family because of doctrinal differences on Communion. (31:33)
  • Can you comment on Chuck Missler’s teaching that there is a distinction between fallen angels and demons? (39:08)
  • Missler says angels who had sex with men of Sodom supports the angels having sex with women in Genesis 6 (41:21)
  • I understand the millennium being figurative. Can you explain the meaning of Satan being released at the end of the Millennium in Revelation 20? (43:58)
  • Can you explain your view of the Beast in Daniel and Revelation? (45:50)
  • What to do with Daniel 7 wherein he prays about what was seen and the beasts are nations? It says the nations will be around at the time of Christ. The abomination of desolations is not Antiochus but something else in the future (49:50)

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