June 29, 2012

Questions / Comments

  • What can I do to help a young man out of a cult? He has gotten involved with the Arunachala Ashram linked to Krishna. (2:59)
  • Why hasn’t the God of the Jews come back yet, it has been 2012 years, but their God never comes? (5:53)
  • You say the long ending of Mark is not found in the earlier ancient Greek manuscripts. Irenaeus quoted from the long ending of Mark. Does this support the long ending as an early reading? (10:42)
  • How do cavemen and Neanderthals fit into the biblical account of creation? (21:02)
  • I am a former Latter-day Saint. I am currently discussing baptism for the dead with a friend. Does the Bible say we should baptize for the dead? (25:55)
  • A friend from college converted to Judaism and no longer believes Jesus is the Son of God. Can you give me any advice for how I can best minister to her? (40:18)
  • I am a non-believer. What answer does Christianity, or any other Abrahamic faith, give to the numerous inconsistencies, contradictions, and ridiculousness of the Bible? For example, Genesis say that day and night were created on the first day yet the sun moon, and start were not created to the fourth day. (43:00)
  • Who created God? Who created who? (45:55)
  • I am a creationist. I have trouble resolving star light coming from millions of light years away and the age of the Earth? (50:23)

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