December 22, 2009

Advent comes from the Latin word Adventus, which means coming. The Advent is the season in which the Christian Church celebrates the coming in flesh of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Hank points out that the celebration of the coming in Christ in the flesh is not just a Christmas season celebration, but it is an everyday reality. (0:39)

Questions / Comments

  • How to discern the guidance of the Holy Spirit? Is it biblical to think the Holy Spirit illuminates the mind, and if so, why are there so many different interpretations of the Scriptures? (6:13)
  • Can an unbeliever without the Holy Spirit still understand the Scriptures better than some believers with the Holy Spirit? (11:18)
  • Ok to look at the Holy Spirit as a teacher to help me understand the Scriptures? (14:07)
  • What about teaching of John Piper? What about Piper’s teaching on freewill and predestination? (23:52)
  • When was Jesus born? Not December 25th? (28:33)
  • What is the next prophetic event that we are awaiting for? (30:12)
  • Isaiah 66:15-17 talks about the return and the destruction of those eating swine’s flesh but is this verse still valid today? (39:46)
  • 6-year-old son says he wants to go to heaven. What is the age of accountability? Good recommendation to discuss Bible being true with an agnostic sister? (42:50)
  • What about Rob Bell? (47:07)
  • How to approach church elders with concerns on the teachings of Rob Bell? (50:09)