July 2, 2012

Hank talks on the With God On Our Side DVD, which addresses the very real specter of racial discrimination in the Holy Land? (0:36)

Questions / Comments

  • I am having a family conflict over having alcohol in the home. Can Christians drink alcohol? (10:33)
  • I believe God loves the Jews. I think we agree the Jews today are not God’s chosen any more than anybody else. Do you have any key scriptures on this? (20:57)
  • What is the early Christian literature? Have you heard of that? (24:48)
  • I came across online a site that had recently discovered early Christian literature, and began reading from the apocalypses and romances, and started reading the Vision of Paul, which talked about a vision Paul seen in the third heaven. I did not know whether it was scriptural. (46:48)
  • How do we blasphemy the Holy Spirit? I am worried. I was born and raised a Christian. As I got older, I began looking at false doctrines and other philosophies a while ago and saying I did not believe in Jesus. That is where I am right now. (28:07
  • I visited a Methodist that experienced a spit over the issue on Palestine. Do you have any knowledge of a division between Methodists supporting Palestine? (38:50)
  • I am a dispensationalist who does not follow what you say about Palestine. Jews forcing Arabs out of Palestine is revisionist history (44:12)

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