July 3, 2012

Hank talks on the With God On Our Side DVD, which deals with the subject of Christian Zionism (0:48)

Questions / Comments

  • I am a sinner, but I know I am saved. But there are times that I do not feel like I am saved. I get confused. What can I read to assumer of once saved always saved? (7:40)
  • I have seen friends say they are saved, they are on fire for the Lord, but then they backslide. What causes that? (11:48)
  • Is Yeshua the proper name of Jesus? Is salvation based on the Hebrew name Yeshua? (13:53)
  • Exodus 33:11 says that God face to face to Moses, as a man speaks to a friend. But Exodus 33:20-23 says no man can see God’s face and live. But Moses only saw the back part of God and not God’s face. The Bible study group says it is an anthropomorphism. (20:47)
  • I have a question about the church. I want to start a ministry. But I think the church commits abuses, such as their way of tithing. This does not feel right. (24:46)
  • My problem is that we compromise on concepts such as tithing. I want to look at it as it was presented to the Levitical priesthood but and look at all the ordinances they had. Then the Church shackles that yoke onto the New Testament Church and tries to justify it. It just does not seem to be applied right and correctly. (26:51)
  • I was raised in relativism. I am Generation X. You were touching on Zionism. There so many interpretations of Revelation. There is Calvinism vs. Arminianism. Defining predestination. I do not want to take a hard position on these secondary issues. What about relativism? (29:19)
  • Our church merged with another church. We were not comfortable about the merger. We told the pastor we are leaving. The pastor read 1 John 4:7-17 and told us that leaving a church demonstrates you don’t love others and therefore you don’t love God. (39:08)
  • I have Jewish relatives. You spoke of Christians in Nazi Germany ignoring the smoke from the crematoriums. It was relayed to me that there were those at that time who did not know such was happening. (42:12)
  • There are Christians who say Matthew 27:25 served as Scriptural basis for the Holocaust. (45:00)
  • Can you tell me how to share the Gospel with Muslims? (48:06)

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