July 5, 2012

Hank shares on radiometric dating and the age of the Earth (0:47)

Questions / Comments

  • What do you think of Kent Hovind and his views on creation and the age of the Earth? (3:37)
  • I worked on nuclear power plants in the Navy. The decay rate is always the same, but we do not know the production rate and the concentration at a given time. This gives me concern given the inconsistencies in radiometric dating. (5:54)
  • What are your thoughts on cremation? Is it taught in the Bible? (7:09)
  • Did angels and human women married, propagated, and produced the giants in Genesis 6? (10:16)
  • Did Jesus descend into hell? (12:47)
  • Why do we worship on the first day of the week instead of the seventh day? Where is this in Scripture? (20:47)
  • Are you saying that the Sabbath rest from the Ten Commandments is irrelevant? (24:47)
  • Are the days of creation longer than 24 hours in Genesis 1:11? (29:39)
  • I had a debate in Genesis 1:11. My understanding is the growing of the plants and bearing of seeds take time, which leads me to think the day in this verse is much longer than 24 hours (39:04)
  • What is your view of Revelation 20? Who will be alive during the Millennium? (42:52)
  • I struggle with passages that warn against grieving the Holy Spirit and I am worried that I may be a tare among the wheat. What is your perspective? (47:07)
  • We are discussing the role of women in church leadership such as elders and pastors. What does the Bible really say about women in church leadership? (49:21)

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