December 23, 2009

Questions / Comments

  • Non-Christian love to talk about religion. Evangelical friend keeps trying to identify the mark of the beast, but is not the rapture idea a coward’s way out? (5:40)
  • Why do people get so upset over the posting of the Ten Commandments in public buildings, but they fail to know what they are? (13:48)
  • How can you be certain that you have received Christ as your Savior? I have fears and doubts, so I worry if I really accepted Christ as Lord and Savior? I wonder if this is it more head knowledge than heart knowledge?  (21:22)
  • How is Psalm 22 referring to the Messiah when David was referring to himself? (29:30)
  • Corresponding with atheist on Facebook but talks about the Bible having a zombie uprising in reference to Matthew 27, but how to respond to the assertion? (31:26)
  • Going over the Apostles Creed. Came across the statement about our Father in Heaven who created the heavens and the Earth. Is this correct? (46:01)