December 24, 2009

Hank offers thoughts on John 3:16-21. If you do not have eternal life, do not let the Christmas season pass before you receive the one begotten of flesh as your Lord and Savior, leader, and forgiver. The one with whom you can spend eternity in a new Heaven and new Earth where indwells righteousness (0:30)

Questions / Comments

  • If we are born with original sin, why was not Jesus born with original sin as He was human and divine? (8:08)
  • What does Bible teach about water baptism and why should we be baptized? (13:32)
  • What about the Church of Christ perspective on water baptism as necessary for salvation? Use thief on the cross to challenge viewpoint? (14:41)
  • What is best English translation of the Bible? Good system for learning Greek? (21:32)
  • Does depravity keep us from seeing the fullness of divine glory and where is the believer’s free will in depravity? (25:24)
  • If someone curses the Holy Spirit, will they be forgiven? (27:23)
  • Lost siblings at birth. What happens to the still born? Do they go to heaven? (31:20)
  • What was God living on when He died upon the cross? (39:19)
  • Was Jesus able to bring the disciples back in time at the mount of transfiguration since they witnessed to Moses and Elijah? (43:49)
  • When God told Abraham his children will number as the sand of the sea, does that mean Abraham taken into the future and shown many children? (47:52)