January 5, 2010

The first show in the first full week of a brand-new decade (0:38)

Questions / Comments

  • Need help understanding the divinity of Jesus but in Mark 10:18 Jesus questions others on why others called Him good, so how the could He be God? (10:07)
  • If Jesus is the Son of God, why do we refer to Him as God? (21:33)
  • How to respond to Seventh-day Adventist who use Revelation 14:12 to say we must obey the Ten Commandments? (23:48)
  • How to think Jesus lied in Matthew 16:28 when those standing there did not witness the Second Coming?  (28:44)
  • What about Michael Oxentenko who says Jesus is Michael the Archangel? (39:37)
  • Thoughts on Oxentenko teaching that the 2300 year in Book of Daniel started in 533 BC and ended AD 1798? (41:39)
  • What about Jimmy DeYoung and his book Step by Step Through the Book of Revelation? (44:37)
  • Are we to tithe a certain percentage of our income? (47:37)
  • Is giving 10% a form of legalistic giving? (50:02)