January 13, 2010

Hank shares on the Haiti earthquake on January 12, 2010. It is a reminder that life is tissue paper thin. Tragedy of life is not to die young, but to live a long robust life and not use it in the service of the Master. The worst thing that can happen is not death, but the worst thing is spending eternity separated from the love and grace of Jesus Christ (0:40).

Questions / Comments

  • What about the teaching of Ock Soo Park on Christian not identifying as a sinner (7:11)
  • Responding to JW who says God placed Lucifer on Earth as a test of loyalty (13:56)
  • Psalm 34:20 on bones not being broken referring to Christ and not just anybody?(22:34)
  • What is the book of remembrance in the Malachi 3? (26:36)
  • Why is Jesus called the Son of Man? (30:15)
  • Comments on the burial box of Jesus documentary done by James Cameron (40:36)
  • The Lord’s covenant about not destroying Earth in Genesis 9:13-60 contradicts 2 Peter 3 (44:24)
  • When do you make time for memorizing Scripture? (48:50)