January 15, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • Christ descent into hell from the Apostles’ Creed. What was He doing there? (3:03)
  • For clarification, Jesus did not descend into hell but into Hades? (6:06)
  • We can expect to be in the presence of the Lord after death? (7:36)
  • We do not get the resurrected body at the Rapture? (8:37)
  • I am heterosexual. Met lots of gay people. Is there a way to befriend them without passing judgment? Fear losing job for comments made about homosexuals. (10:50)
  • Know to ladies in a gay marriage, one wants to hook me up with someone, I do not know how to relate with them? (13:34)
  • I am a complete Jew, who received Jesus Christ as Savior in 1991. Had difficulty witnessing to Jewish family members. They don’t believe. Think all who read the Bible are fanatics. They are secular. Situation has not changed, still feel the need to plant seeds when opportunity presents. (21:12)
  • Is mental illness within the Christian but God gives us a “sound mind” per 2 Timothy 1:7, but do Christians get mental illness? (39:06)
  • Why was not the Apocalypse of Peter not included in the Canon? (44:27)
  • The Apocalypse of Peter tells us Jesus never went to the cross. How could Jesus have gone to the cross if not God would not let Him not let Him strike His foot upon a stone? (45:54)