January 18, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • Is speaking in tongues an ecstatic language received by all born again Christians? Tongues ceased? (2:22)
  • What about Entering the Castle by Caroline Myss? (6:30)
  • Clarify your criticism about the teaching on the mark of the beast being a microchip? (9:44)
  • Mark of the beast not a physical mark? (11:14)
  • What about in the future being unable to buy or sell or trade for not receiving the mark of the beast?  (11:54)
  • What about God commanding Moses to kill Canaanites? (21:01)
  • Was James the half-brother of Jesus being a blood relative? (28:48)
  • If James being a leader in the Church at Jerusalem was a devout Jew, how could he be a leader if he turned from a skeptic to a believer?  (30:31)
  • Comment on Pat Robertson’s remarks about the people of Haiti? (38:48)
  • Friend says we should not worship Jesus as God, which is the name given by the Catholic-mother-daughter-harlot, and we need worship in the name of Yeshua to worship the true God. (43:00)