January 20, 2010

Hank shares that since Swami Vivekananda introduced yoga to the West over a century ago, yoga becoming as American as apple pie. It has even been thriving among evangelicals. To help in understanding what yoga entails, the YOGA acronym is presented. Y = Yoke or unite with the god of Hinduism or Brahman the impersonal cosmic consciousness of the universe. O = Om a sacred Sanskrit syllable. When repeatedly spoken as a mantra one enters an altered state of consciousness. This dulls the critical thinking process for in Hinduism the mind is an obstacle to enlightenment. G = Guru who disseminate yoga for the purpose of achieving oneness with the impersonal god of Hinduism. A = Asanas or the repetitive body postures along with meditation, and breathing exercises used to achieve oneness with the cosmic energy flow of the universe . Yoga is more than just stretching exercises. It seeks to transition devotes into the kingdom of the occult (1:05)

Questions / Comments

  • How to determine the will of God in making decisions like taking jobs and moving to a new home? (10:19)
  • Why do we celebrate Christmas? A rival celebration to paganism? If so, why cannot one use yoga to Christianize Hinduism? (12:30)
  • What about the alternative medical practice of kinesiology? (22:07)
  • Thoughts on Christian yoga? (24:50)
  • What about acupuncture? Is it New Age? (26:23)
  • Address the apparent contradiction on how Judas died? (40:44)
  • I love the truth and want to know how to become an apologist. (43:53)