Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics:

  • When was 2 Peter written? Some people argue that Peter couldn’t have written his epistles since he was an uneducated fisherman.
  • Why don’t the Jews recognize Jesus as Messiah?
  • Can you advise me how to witness to my atheist son?
  • Is the Catholic Eucharist Biblical? Can you explain John 6 with regard to this?
  • How was Jesus tempted in the desert since the Bible says that God can’t be tempted?
  • Can Darwin’s theory actually produce life?
  • As the only Christian in my family, how can I explain that there is more to following Christ than just asking for help when bad things happen?
  • How can I prove to a friend that Christians are not required to keep the Old Testament law?
  • Is Mark Gibbs’ view of Jesus’ natural father correct?
  • Is the mark of the Beast a literal mark or a microchip?

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