January 25, 2010

Hank encourages us to get into the Word of God and get the Word of God into oneself. If one is not reading the Bible, then the woeful condition needs to be remedied. He encourages all to read the entire Bible through the year using the Legacy Reading Plan (0:40).


  • Address the New Perspective of Paul associated with N.T. Wright (5:14)
  • Read Republican Gomorrah: Inside the Movement that Shattered the Party by Max Blumenthal. How do you manage being a respected Christian leader while not getting involved in corrupt politics? (10:45)
  • Address what Jimmy Swaggart Expositor’s Study Bible teaches on the New Covenant and the Holy Spirit changing the Christian but the Christian must still wait for the Holy Spirit to come (21:14)
  • Are we not saved by grace without works? (23:40)
  • What about the teachings of Arnold Murray? (24:58)
  • I do not like to read, and I have no natural desire to read the Bible, but is this something wrong with me spiritually, like I’m not saved? (31:25)
  • The church I attend had Word of Faith teacher named Nasir Siddiki speak, I was advised to leave the church, I’d rather stay, I do want to discuss with my pastor about the concern, but how I do this? (47:07)