Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics:

  • How can true followers of Christ support gay marriage?
  • Why is it so crucial that the Bible is true? How can we test the truth of Scripture when there are so many fallible human interpretations?
  • Did Jesus ever say that homosexuality is wrong?
  • Do people have free will? What about the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart in Romans 9:16-20? How do you interpret this passage?
  • Why does God forbid killing people when He himself kills people?
  • In John 15:13, what does it mean, “…that someone lay down his life for his friends”? Is this describing death only?
  • Will everyone have a glorified body in the Millennium?
  • Should Christians fight for laws against same sex-marriage?
  • Did the saints described in Matthew 27:52-53, have their glorified bodies?
  • When Jesus was on the cross, what did He mean when He said, “it is finished”?

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