July 13, 2009


  • What about the Book of Mormon? (3:42)
  • The contents of the Book of Mormon appear to be consistent with the New Testament. Thoughts? (6:22)
  • Are Mormon doctrines directly from the Book of Mormon or other writings like the Doctrine and Covenants? (8:09)
  • Jesus and the concept of sacrifice. I do not understand why he would die for me? (11:01)
  • Mike Murdock on sowing seeds of money for miracles (22:07)
  • Why would God entertain the Devil at Job’s expense? (24:20)
  • What about Michael Youssef? (28:22)
  • What about the Christadelphians? (28:43)
  • Is cremation or scattering ashes a viable option to burial? (39:22)
  • Which member of the Trinity do we address in prayer? (42:06)
  • I received a Trinitarian baptism, then I went to a Jesus Only baptism church. Thoughts? (46:240)
  • Apparent contradiction on the death of Judas in Gospels and Acts (48:30)