January 29, 2010

Hank points out Genesis and Exodus are full of intrigue. But Leviticus gets us bogged down and this makes us abort our Bible reading. He also recalls a note by Philip Yancey and Tim Stafford in their Student Bible series that put Leviticus in a brand new light. Leviticus is strange to modern ears. Its painstaking ritual is quite similar to the procedures surrounding nuclear technology. There is specialized clothing, concern for purification, and precise handling of crucial materials. To move radioactive materials, specially trained handlers put on white protection overalls, special breather masks, and they never touch materials, except through a sealed glove box. If an accident occurs, the entire area must be cleaned. Anyone contaminated must be cleansed. The rigid rules grew from hard experience because for decades nobody knew the dangers of radioactivity. If we are going to use the atom, we have to adopt procedures to fit its power. Leviticus reads like a training manual for atomic plant workers. Its dangerous material. However, the dangerous material in handling an atom is not like Leviticus. Leviticus is more powerful than the atom. Leviticus gives exhaustive detail on how to live with God. A manual on handing nuclear material is boring, if you are reading it on vacation, but it is gripping if you read it in a vibrating nuclear reactor. Leviticus is dull if we fail to realize the wonderful news behind it (0:32)

Questions / comments

  • Listen a John MacArthur sermon which explained how Amos parallels situations in our world today. This concerns me, since I find America struggling from the same problems as people living in the days of Amos. (8:25)
  • Address KJV Only (21:12)
  • Explain the receiving of baptism in Acts 8:12-17. Is Philip speaking Greek or Aramaic? Jesus name only baptism? (28:07)
  • I fallen victim to domestic abuse. Abuser in jail. I have restraining order. How do I help other women know they need not suffer through domestic violence as I suffered? (40:07)
  • New Frontiers led by Terry Virgo. They are endorsed by Paul Cain. Can you address their practices of tongues as a second work of Holy Spirit and end time restorationism? (42:00)
  • If someone had an abortion, will her sins be forgiven? (47:15)