Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics:
Hank’s Monologue:

  • Hank shares his thoughts on the biblical meaning of antichrist and the beast spoken of by the Apostle John in the book of Revelation.

Questions and Answers:

  • Can you clarify what the mark of the beast is? And who is the woman that rides the beast in Revelation chapter 17?
  • Can you explain 1 Corinthians 7:10-11 as it relates to divorce and remarriage? If you remarry, are you living in adultery?
  • Is there a difference between excommunication and “handing someone over to Satan”?
  • What is your understanding of Paul’s teaching about the role of women in the church?
  • Psalm 37 says, “Fret not yourself because of evil doers” What does this mean?

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