February 11, 2010


  • Modern day prophets in church exist but in what manner? Can a modern day apostle or prophet see things in a person’s future life? (1:43)
  • Is saying “Jesus is coming back” making a prophecy? (4:42)
  • What are the qualifications a deacon? Clarify “husband of one wife”? Refers to polygamy? (5:49)
  • Church that I attend never allows divorces to become deacons (8:03)
  • Family member goes to church that forbids Sunday school classes but only allows one single class to take place (9:33)
  • 3-year-old daughter wants to pretend play being the virgin Mary. Is this reverent?  (12:07)
  • Is the USA mentioned in the Book of Revelation? (13:43)
  • How do you find time to write all your books? (20:57)
  • Jesus said to the thief on the cross, “Today, you will be with me in paradise.” People also saw Jesus’ ascension. I know heaven is not up in space. Where is heaven? (21:43)
  • Does the number 40 have special significance with God? (27:22)
  • Relative diagnosed with schizophrenia and thinks everyone is against him. What Scriptures can I use to counsel him? (31:53)
  • What about Frederick K.C. Price? Why does Price call himself an apostle? (39:03)
  • Majority of Christian never share their faith with the lost. Is not being gifted in reaching out to those who never heard an excuse for not sharing? (42:57)
  • What to say to listeners who are faithful, serve in church, but never shared faith with the lost? (42:27)