February 12, 2010

Hank shares on his article “Spiritual Boot Camp” (1:15)

Questions / Comments

  • Is it ok to use yoga if you do not entertain the spiritual practices? (3:51)
  • Speak to the Nazarene doctrine on sanctification and the second work of grace (4:39)
  • What about Watchman Nee, Witness Lee, and Living Streams Ministry? (6:08)
  • Is it valid to leave a church that teaches that those who never heard can have a second chance after death though not like Purgatory? (10:04)
  • Address those who say Satan only thought Jesus was an angel but not the Son of God (14:50)
  • What about the Christadelphians? (21:05)
  • Attending an Apostolic church that practices slain in the Spirit. If this is not biblical, why do they do it? (24:32)
  • Is it proper for modern churches to discipline cohabitating couples within the congregation per 1 Corinthians? (27:09)
  • Address the problem of the Islamic persecution of Coptic Christians (30:15)
  • Can human minds have future premonitions? (39:52)
  • Advice for starting ministry in a foreign country? (43:48)
  • Saw a news report wherein ancient Hebrew manuscripts translated referring to Isaiah and King David predating Bible by ten centuries but what are the implications for NT? (45:31)