February 19, 2010

The Book of Deuteronomy is the fifth book of Moses. Hank indicates the messages were delivered east of the Jordan River on the plains of Moab at the edge of the promise land. Deuteronomy consists of a series of farewell messages by Israel’s 120-year-old leader — Moses. It is addressed to a new generation destined to possess the land of promise. They survived 40 years of wilderness wandering. Now the question becomes: How will they survive prosperity in paradise? Deuteronomy has lots of legal details, but the emphasis is upon the laity lot the Levitical priesthood. Moses reminds the new generation the importance of being obedient but if they are not, they will learn the tragic example of their parents. They must remember that there is no God but the God of Israel. (0:34)

Questions / Comments

  • Evaluation of the International House of Prayer w/ Mike Bickle? (4:58)
  • Do you consider Roman Catholicism to be within the pale of orthodoxy? (8:46)
  • Opinion on Mormon view of lost testaments, i.e., the Book of Mormon (13:29)
  • What is the history behind Ash Wednesday? (20:58)
  • Psalm 34:17 a future promise? (23:38)
  • If we are united with believing family and friends in heaven, what happens to a widow who remarries, who will she be with? What happens to aborted babies would they want to be with their mom? (26:45)
  • Hank comments on Tiger Wood’s mention of immersing himself again in his childhood beliefs of Buddhism (38:57)
  • Different denominations go back and forth on the OT Sabbath day but typically agree on tithing (10%), but what would the Lord say about that? (43:52)