February 22, 2010

Hank offers thoughts on Proverbs 22 and Psalm 22. Listeners are encouraged to meditate upon Psalm 22-24. Comments are also given on Barack Obama’s misreading of Deuteronomy on matters of slavery, stoning, and shellfish (0:31)

Question / Comments

  • What about John G. Lake Ministry with Curry Blake? (7:33)
  • What about the 2011 end time prediction of Harold Camping? (10:39)
  • Christian daughter engaged to an unbeliever. What to do? Attend wedding? (13:10)
  • Natural disasters connected to the way we treat the modern nation of Israel? (20:56)
  • Does God use natural disasters to punish sinners? (23:29)
  • Is Mark 2:25 an example of Jesus using sarcasm? Is there an appropriate way to use sarcasm? (28:21)
  • The Helper by Catherine Marshall and second blessing of the Holy Spirit (31:25)
  • He Came to Set the Captives Free by Rebecca Brown (44:50)