February 26, 2010

 Joshua 1:8 is a verse Hank often inscribes in personalized Bible. Meditation is the missing link between the intake of Scripture and an effective prayer life. In the ancient oral culture of Joshua’s day, learning was synonymous with memorization. Manuscript repositories augmented mental recall and not the reverse. We must record God’s Word upon the tablet of our heart. (0:38)

 Questions / Comments

  •  Paul’s instruction on women being silent in church? (8:22)
  •  How to reconcile Word of Faith teaching and witnessing divine healing miracles? (13:33)
  •  Isaiah offers prophecies that tell of Jesus first coming and the millennium. Is there anything in OT that would have led 1st century Jews to believe there were be two advents of the Messiah? (21:03)
  •  Is not the future millennium all over the Bible, such as in Ezekiel and the Sabbath day? (38:58)