May 18, 2012

Hank opens the broadcast from President Barack Obama’s evolving position on homosexuality and how should we be careful in the terminology we use in discussing homosexuality (0:38) Hank interviews Joe Dallas, program director of Genesis Counseling in Tustin, California, about his article in the current issue of the Christian Research Journal titled, When Vague is in Vogue: A New but Not Improved Approach to Homosexuality Is Growing among Evangelicals. The discussion centers on the growing trend not only in the culture but also in the church, which is shifting away from clarity and moving toward vagueness in response to homosexuality. (6:22)

Questions / Comments

  • My mom says you can’t be so self-righteous when speaking about our President? I am not going to beat anyone down on it. How to answer questions on homosexuality? When do you say it is not ok? (25:58)
  • I am an atheist. How can we get an case against homosexuality asides just quoting a Bible verse? (38:52)
  • Would you say that just as a heterosexual couple does not imply a healthy environment for raising a child, you can say simply a homosexual couple does not imply an unhealthy environment for the child? (43:58)
  • How can you argue with an atheist from a theological position on homosexuality and same-sex marriage, when they don’t believe in God or the Bible?
  • Why does everyone pick on homosexuals when everyone sins? Why single them out? (48:53)