November 30, 2009

Hank shares on rememorizing Romans 12. We should pay attention on this chapter, particular on vv. 3-8. We need one another in so many ways. He cannot do what others can do, and others cannot do what he can do. What he does is facilitated by those who support his ministry. Giving is both a gift and responsibility because we want to fulfill the Great Commission and cultural mandate that God wants us to fulfill (0:31).


  • Can you clarify the relationship between Jesus and God? How can they be the same if one knows something the other does not know? (4:54)
  • When we are in heaven will we be with both Jesus and God? (11:37)
  • What about Pastor Arnold Murray with the Shepherd’s Chapel, specifically on Muarry’s view on the three Earth ages? (39:30)
  • I believe God lifted hand of protection on US and it happened when we stopped having children say the Pledge of Allegiance in class. Where are the knowledgeable pastors in the US, how come they do not speak out against those who do these things? (43:19)
  • Should we consider modern Bible versions as inspired and God-breathed? (49:11)