July 30, 2009

If the buckle of truth breaks, the garment that covers us falls to the ground leaving us naked. The problem of the unnatural divorce of orthodoxy from orthopraxy and the rule of the mob (0:39)


  • Address the teaching on generational curses in Getting Free by Mary Jo Clouse (3:10)
  • Is it an error to say all Scripture is written to us but not for us? (7:39)
  • Is hell metaphorical? So, someone is not being literally being burned with fire? (9:04)
  • When Moses saw the burning bush, he was instructed to remove his shoes because he was on holy ground. The same happened with Joshua. What does the removal of shoes have to do with anything? (22:15)
  • If you are a child of God, can demons enter your house, and can you see them? (23:59)
  • Friend is into the Baha’i faith. Tell me more about this belief? (27:12)
  • Age of the Earth? Was the world created 10,000 years ago or were days like 55,000 years? (39:19)