November 18, 2011

Questions / Comments:

  • What does the Bible mean by the 144,000 being “marked by the seal” who survive the tribulation? How to look at Revelation as symbols or literarily? (3:21)
  • What about the three levels of heaven talked about by E.W. Bullinger? (7:52)
  • Does John Hagee agree with Mormons on the Bible being corrupted and untrustworthy? (10:58)
  • How do I deepen my prayer life? (21:17)
  • I believe that women cannot have authority over a man, and while I can empathize with women being pastors, but not sympathize because of the roles according to the Scriptures (24:29)
  • Hank interviews Kenda Dean concerning her article in the latest edition of the Christian Research Journal entitled, How to Avoid Raising Nice Teenagers. Kenda Dean is an ordained United Methodist pastor in the Baltimore Washington Annual Conference and Professor of Youth, Church and Culture at Princeton Theological Seminary. (26:49)