September 20, 2011

Hank interviews Dr. Jonathan Witt about the design and genius in nature especially in regard to the Metamorphosis of butterflies (0:48).

Questions / Comments

  • Does not the New Testament give a higher standard of financial stewardship than the Old Testament? God does not want Christians to search for personal material gain? (21:21)
  • Should Christians tithe according to Malachi 3:10? (27:11)
  • What does the phrase “heart of the Earth” mean in Matthew 12:40? Three days and three nights in the ground? (30:52)
  • What is a good translation, the King James Version, the New Century Version, or the English Standard Version? (39:16)
  • Why did God harden people’s heart in the Bible? (42:37)
  • Is the Holman Old Testament Bible Commentary a good resource? (47:33)