On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank welcomes back Dr. Larry Johnston, Chief Advancement Officer of the Christian Research Institute to continue discussing CRI’s Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign; asking listeners to stand with CRI in the battle for life and truth. Hank and Larry talk about the difference between a partner and friend of the ministry; the idea of being salt in the culture, and the fact that in the West, we are losing the battle for the mind. In light of this and the overwhelming amount of information available on the internet, CRI offers not only fifty-five years of information, but fifty-five years of wisdom on the topics of apologetics, biblical literacy, and countering the cults.

Hank and Dr. Johnston also discuss the Christian Research Institute’s two-pronged approach to be an agent of cultural change in the West while at the same time, equipping Christians in the Global South, as well as cultivating good stewardship and the joy of generous giving.

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