Today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast includes the following topics:
Hank’s Prologue:

  • Hank begins with a statement from Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy who in 2013, said that those who oppose same-sex marriage do so out of hate and animus, yet what he fails to realize is that every definition of marriage excludes someone. And as pointed out in the book, Same-Sex Marriage: A Thoughtful Approach to God’s Design for Marriage, if any relationship can be called a marriage then the word has little meaning. Hank reminds listeners that with the decline of marriage in general, the real issue is how we can sustain biblical marriage in our culture.

Questions and Answers:

  • I just don’t understand same-sex marriage; why are people pushing this?
  • Isn’t homosexuality worse than other sins?
  • Is it wrong for a Christian to get remarried after a divorce? Am I living in continual sin?
  • I have been diagnosed as bipolar and a lot of Christians say that if I had enough faith I could stop taking my medicine and God would heal me. What does the Bible say about mental health?
  • What is the best way to witness to Muslims without having knowledge of the Qur’an?

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