July 14, 2009

Hank shares on the booklet The Bible Under Siege. An example of the Bible being under seige is the success of Professor Bart Ehrman in shaking the faith of his students in the truth of the Bible (1:15).


  • Does the blotting out mentioned in Revelation 3:5 mean one can lose salvation? (6:22)
  • Does Isaiah 53:10 tell us that Jesus had children? (25:28)
  • Clarify the apparent contradiction of Judas’ death between the Gospels and Acts (28:45)
  • Comment on Stephen LeBlanc who teaches of hell being a spiritual paper shredder, i.e. doctrine of annihilation (40:39)
  • Is the Lord’s proper name Yeshua since there was no letter “J” in ancient languages? (46:47)
  • Does King James Bible have errors? Was King James a sodomite who messed up the Bible? (48:20)

Check out the equipping resource: The Bible Under Siege. Hank Hanegraaff presents a powerful defense for the veracity of the Holy Scriptures using his acronym M-A-P-S. M-A-P-S stands for: Manuscripts, Archaeology, Prophecy, and Scriptural Synergy