January 20, 2011

Elliot Miller talks with Hank Hanegraaff about the Looking Under the Surface of the Millennial Generation issue of the Christian Research Journal (volume 34, number 1)

Questions / Comments

  • Involved in the pharmaceutical industry. Noticed a trend in sciences that new discoveries are often met with resistance. For example, one 17th century scientist who found washing hands reduced the instances of infections, but he was blacked balled by peers who saw scientist’s hands were for healing and not spreading disease. Same can be said about certain discoveries using the Hubble Telescope related to the Big Bang. Therefore, Stephen Hawking’s theories may go through the same process of initial resistance but gradual acceptance (11:04)
  • Why are Christians so busy trying to prove creation or God? Is not by the way I live my life the proof for God’s existence according to the Book of Hebrews? We are to live out our faith but not waste time trying to prove God. (25:13)
  • Did the extinction of the dinosaurs occur as the result of the Fall? (46:45)