July 26, 2011

Hank shares on how Bible believing Christians disagree on the way to interpret Genesis 1-2; however, they agree on three essentials: The inspiration of the Scriptures, creation ex nihilo (out of nothing) as opposed to Darwinian evolution, they hold to Adam and Eve being created in God’s image rather than fictional exemplars of primitive humanity (1:00). Interview with William Dembski on Old Earth Creationism and the Fall (3:50).

Questions / Comments

  • Archaeologists found the bone of a Tyrannosaur with human blood on it; doesn’t that prove a young earth? (26:20)
  • What is your view of Russell Humphrey’s book, Star Light in Time? (29:42)
  • Why must Christians believe in creation ex nihilo? Where does that come from in the Bible? (41:16)
  • Didn’t the Fall of Satan account for evil prior to Adam? (45:55)
  • Couldn’t God have created the universe with appearance of age? (48:28)