July 17, 2009

Hank shares that truth is under siege and ideas have consequences, but the Church needs a paradigm shift (1:24)


  • Constituent shares on God making ways for him to give and receive prayers in times of trouble (8:39)
  • What are the main points about the emergent church and how it differs from Christianity? (25:55)
  • What is the biblical difference between intelligent design and creationism (30:31)
  • Is it unbiblical to judge others? (39:33)
  • Do modern day resurrections happen? (45:16)

Get CRI’s equipping resource: Truth Under Siege: The great Christian Reformers of the Middle Ages, such as John Wyclif, John Hus, and Martin Luther, each exemplify the transforming power of a testimony tried by fire. There is an eerie relationship between reformers like Hus and the biblical prophet Jeremiah. They both, unlike the false prophets in our midst today, experienced the power of the presence of a living God whose name was to be revered!

In this message, Hank Hanegraaff reminds us that just as the Great Reformers and Prophets of old were willing to give their utmost for God’s highest not only in the public square but each and every moment of the day, we, too, as followers of Christ need to realize the paramount importance of redeeming each moment of our lives for the cause of our precious Redeemer.