It will come as no surprise to even semi-alert observers that truth as we have known it is under siege. It is being assailed on multiple fronts by a seemingly endless barrage of isms; such as postmodernism, relativism, experientialism, hedonism, and philosophical naturalism to name, just a few.


To many Christians, truth has apparently become less and less defensible, either because they perceive that truth has become so deconstructed, relative, subjective, and vaporized that—like Humpty Dumpty—they don’t know if it can ever be put back together again, or they believe—perhaps tactically more than rationally—that objective truth exists, but they are simply bewildered and befuddled as how to defend their convictions and instincts.


This is where the Christian Research Institute and the Bible Answer Man broadcast come in. It’s where serious Christians can make a difference by knowing where you stand, by standing your ground and, I think perhaps more importantly than anything else, by standing together. Not standing on the perennial shifting sands of cultural and intellectual fashion nor on porous platitudes of politically correct secularists whose only God is tolerance. The Christian faith stands on the unshakeable rock of revelation.


What all Christians must grasp, while truth is under siege, is that God hasn’t called us to sit for truth, he’s called us to stand for truth. Let’s make no mistake. With truth under siege, this isn’t time for impartiality, indifference or ignorance. This also is certainly not a time for cowardice. It’s a time for righteous revolutionaries or “sanctified saboteurs”[1] as C.S. Lewis said, for people willing to stand their ground because they’ve witnessed the deadly consequences when godless ideologies are not halted in their tracks.


The Twentieth Century alone witnessed the deaths of millions of people through Hitler’s “Final Solution,” Stalin’s bestial genocide, and Mao’s ruthless purges, revealing with painful clarity that when truth dies, countless millions of lives are often consumed in the wake.


As more and more of Western civilization moves precariously toward the brink of incoherence due to the slow death of objective truth, it is clear that we must not only know where we stand and stand our ground, but we must stand together. We must recognize the assaults on truth before we can resist them.


If you recognize that truth is under siege, and that heresy advances as orthodoxy retreats, there are some options. You can make a difference by first studying. Second pray, to attempt to stand against today’s assaults on truth without the power of prayer is sheer folly. Third, consider standing with the Christian Research Institute and the Bible Answer Man broadcast. If you’re not already a member of the Bible Answer Man support team you can go to our website at or call us at 1-888-7000-0274. Finally, whether it’s listening to the Bible Answer Man broadcast, subscribing to the Christian Research Journal, purchasing life-changing resources from our online e-store, or supporting CRI’s work financially or with prayer, every “enlistment” in the army for truth helps to shift the tide of battle. For any donation to the support of our work we would be happy to send a book we have produced as a thank you gift. It’s appropriately named What is Truth? You can get your copy by going to our website at or calling us at 1-888-7000-0274.

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[1] C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity (San Francisco: HarperCollins, 1980-renewed), 46