Adapted from Complete Bible Answer Book by Hank Hanegraaff. 

In order to demonstrate the falsity of evolution, Bible-believing Christians for more than a century have passed on the story of Charles Darwin’s deathbed conversion. Evolutionists have attempted to counter them by loudly protesting that Darwin died believing that Christianity was a fraud and that chance was the creator.

In response, it should first be noted that whether Darwin did or did not renounce evolution does not speak to the issue of whether or not evolution is true or false. Maybe Darwin renounced evolution because he was senile or he had taken a mind-altering drug. He may have even just hedged his bets with some “eternal fire insurance.”

Furthermore, as followers of the One who proclaimed himself to be not only “the way” and “the life” but also “the truth” (John 14:6) we must set the standard for the evolutionist, not vice versa. James Fegan was correct in calling the Darwin legend “an illustration of the recklessness with which the Protestant Controversialists seek to support any cause they are advocating.”

Finally, in The Darwin Legend, James Moore painstakingly documents the fact that there is no substantial evidence that Darwin ever repented, but there is abundant evidence that he consistently held to his evolutionary paradigm.

For further study, see James Moore, The Darwin Legend (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 1994).

“You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.”

Exodus 20:16