On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (01/08/24), Hank exhorts us to remember the firm foundation of our faith so that, like the first-century disciples, we can change our culture as ambassadors for Christ.

Hank also answers the following questions:

  • How do you respond to those who say that God is revealed differently in the Old and New Testaments? Why couldn’t God have made creatures that always choose to do good? Anita – Manchester, MO (4:19)
  • Why are modern Bible translations copyrighted, and why do they add and subtract things from the text? Tim – Phoenix, AZ (15:12)
  • Can you elaborate on the phrase “the fullness of time,” in Galatians 4:4? Why was it necessary for Jesus to come when He did? Alma – Nebraska City, NE (23:45)


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